Gerardo’s School of Culinary Arts is situated at a strategic location in NLSA Road, Barangay Lagao, General Santos City, as it is at a crossway of the Digos-Makar road for student coming from the east, and at a highway of the NLSA Road for students coming from the west (South Cotabato) and south (General Santos City). 

The campus is a 1900-sqm lot, fully pavered, with ample amounts of parking space. There are 2 classrooms, namely, the Ground Floor Classroom and 2F multi-function hall, both of which can hold their own audio-visual assets. Ground floor classroom has a capacity of 40 PAX, while the 2F multi-function hall can house up to 150 PAX.

The campus features 2 Major kitchens. The Hot Kitchen, where all practical work relevant to the hot kitchen is performed, can accommodate up to 40 chefs at a time. The hot kitchen is home to 8 Industrial Burners (6 burner slots each), a high-pressure wok blower, various griddles and deep fryers alongside equipment normally used in commercial kitchens such as food processors, blenders, meat slicers, sous vide and vacuum machines, broilers, and its very own oven independent from the pastry kitchen. It has a pastry section as well, for any dessert that may be processed in the kitchen. 

The second kitchen, the Pastry kitchen, is where all practical work relevant to the pastry arts is performed and can accommodate up to 30 chefs at a time. The Pastry Kitchen is home to 11 Kitchen Aids, all with multiple pieces of its attachments, 2 industrial mixers, a dough sheeter, deck ovens, conventional, convection, and combination ovens, a dough-proofer, and a dough-roller. It houses marbled long tables as workstations for the chefs and students and is fully airconditioned. The Pastry kitchen has long been used by various commercial companies for various product demonstrations, a testament to the kitchen’s completeness in both tools and equipment. 

Other parts of the campus would be the Admin offices. The registrar and chef’s office houses the school registrar and the school faculty. Students may go in and do their business with any of the faculty or towards the registrar should there be any. The executive office houses the school vice president and president, which addresses student and external affairs.


Pursue a Culinary Arts profession with us.